New SM iOS/iPadOS app update testing in TestFlight, and info on how to sign up for SM beta apps

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

New SM iOS/iPadOS app update testing in TestFlight, and info on how to sign up for SM beta apps

Hello folks, 


The SM team is planning to roll out a new SM iOS app update, and we have a new build ready for some public testing. If you're interested in trying the new app before it releases, download it here: 


This SM iOS app update includes some UI improvements and new functionality: 

  • Dark mode added!
  • Homescreen shortcuts added! Check-in device and view app list directly from the iOS homescreen. Tap and hold on the SM iOS app on the homescreen to see these shortcuts.
  • App cells now display version number.
  • App cells now have an “Update” button for end user's to request an app update easier.
  • Pull to refresh added for App List. This will query the Systems Manager network to reload the device’s App List.
  • “Suggested Networks” feature added for end user enrollments. iOS/iPadOS devices which are connected to a Meraki MR SSID can automatically detect the SM network within the same Meraki Organization during enrollment, so end users do not need to type in network IDs. Make sure "Network discovery" is enabled in SM > Configure > General to enable this feature. 
  • Device name is shown on the Home page.
  • Support for Canadian enrollment clusters.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Feedback is welcomed! See "Giving feedback" at for more information on TestFlight and how to share feedback. 


Also FYI: SM admins are welcome to signup for the Android SM app beta program if interested too. Details are in here: 


Every time iOS/iPadOS and Android app updates are deployed, they are deployed to these beta testing channels first. So this is a great way to try a new app release before it's widely available. 


Thanks everyone and happy SMing! 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Pleas tell me you have fixed viewing MV from the app as currently I have nothing but issues using it. 

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