New: List of Supported Operating Systems

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New: List of Supported Operating Systems

Hi SM Admins,


We've introduced a new document which lists the platforms that SM supports. Up until now we have not documented this list other than obscure places like the marketing data sheet for SM. The new document is here:


Our goal with SM is to create better and deeper support for new capabilities in iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and ChromeOS. This means, in turn, that we need to demote some of the older versions of those OSes into a "best effort" category. 


"Best effort" is a transitional category where SM still works and you can still call Meraki Support. However, unlike the officially supported list there may be cases where we will not be able to fix a bug or implement a new feature for that older platform. The Support team also has fewer resources available on those platforms to reproduce complex issues in-house. Finally, any OS in the "best effort" list should be signal to you that the "clock is ticking" and you should consider plans on how to upgrade the devices in question or migrate to newer hardware.


Managing a product like SM is always a balance, we strive to support a wide set of platforms, but we also are eager to innovate at a faster pace. A "long tail" of old OSes is a headwind to innovation.  The platforms that have been demoted off of the official list are generally used on a small percentage of SM devices so we hope the impact is minimal and that you will benefit from this change in the long run.


Noah Salzman

Product Manager for Meraki SM

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