Network locations with dynamic ip

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Network locations with dynamic ip

I propose a good functionality for Dynamic Public IP would be a dynamic dns location instead of CIDR.
LAN / Public IP (CIDR) -> Dynamic IP:

Kind of a big deal

Did you know you can already create firewall rules using FQDN - which can be dynamic IP addresses?

sorry, its for Meraki management MDM.

When show client approximate location is using detected public ip

Kind of a big deal

  • Bssid geolocation (via WiFi)
    Location based on the bssid (the address of the WiFi network).
  • IP geolocation (via IP)
  • Actually It uses a Bssid location, but it's dynamic.  If this geolocation uses a Dinamic ip location service for example dyndns, you can specify the location of these IP, but this option not exist. I thing it's a good option.
  • LAN/Public IP (CIDR) or Public IP Address (DNS)
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