Need to always allow camera access for Paylocity website

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Need to always allow camera access for Paylocity website

Hey gang, here's the scenario.


We have three iPads being used as Paylocity time clocks. Basically, it's just Safari loading the Paylocity Time Clock webpage. When you log in to the time clock, the page takes your picture so management can make sure you're the one logging in as you (I know, right?). If the webpage is denied access to the camera, the next person who tries to log in will get an error message and can't login, at which point I have to go to the time clock, unlock guided access, refresh the page, click on the "Aa" in the URL bar, go to website settings and set "Use Camera" from "Ask" to "Allow." Then re-enable guided access and everything's back to normal.


Ordinarily this setting sticks, but last night the profiles were all updated for some reason and the setting went away. I come in an hour after the first shift people, so all of the time clocks are throwing errors and no one is clocked in because inevitably someone decides they don't want their picture taken.


Is there a way in Meraki to put this setting in my "Time Clock" profile so that it is always set if a profile gets updated? In the "Restrictions" section of the profile under "Cross Platform Restrictions," "Allow use of Camera" is checked, which isn't quite the same thing anyway. We have a web clip to put a link to the time clock page, but that doesn't have any camera access settings that could help.


Now that I'm thinking about it, it seems odd that this setting would be wiped out, yet all iPads still had Safari on the screen with the proper web page up. The Meraki system was set up by the last IT guy right before he left, so I'm still digging through all of the functionality here. 

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