Meraki System Manager - iPads prompting for apple id

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Meraki System Manager - iPads prompting for apple id

Please excuse my ignorance, the tech who was in charge of our Meraki devices is no longer with us and I'm learning as I go along. 


We support a client that has 87 iPads for their school. Recently we had a complaint from the school that the iPads were prompting for the credentials for the apple id associated with the iPad.


I've gotten 3 of the iPads in my possession now. I did find where the VPP token had expired, I was able to successfully download an updated token and updated the existing VPP account. It appeared that Meraki was no longer validated on the iPads as well. Our APNs cert is valid until Sept-2020. I re-enrolled the devices and thought I successfully pushed all of the necessary updates to the devices. We were going to send these devices back to the school today, but when I checked back on the iPads this morning I was prompted several times to enter the apple id password. 


I also noticed that even though it appears that I successfully updated all the apps on these iPads, the Meraki Systems Manager icon still has a bubble with a number in it like it has notifications. 

Does anyone have any ideas of where to go from here or information that I can provide to help someone better understand my current predicament? 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It shouldn't need to have an Apple ID assopciated with the device (assuming it was enrolled via DEP).


What is the Apple ID?  A students, some system one, something else?

Thank you for your reply. The devices are not enrolled via DEP. I didn't originally configure the portal, but it appears that for every 10 iPads we have an Apple ID associated with them. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

In that case they are in BYOD mode.


This will not be to do with the Meraki system.  When operating in BYOD mode someone needs to first (via the iPad) assign it to an account.

They should each have a seperate and different account as well.

I'm wondering if we have the ability to move them over to DEP? These iPads aren't assigned to a single user. The whole cart gets moved between 3 different classrooms, so there may be 20 different kids on 1 iPad through the week. I'm not real keen about how accessible these are. For crying out loud I can remove the Meraki Management with only entering in the pin the kids use to unlock the screen.

Thought about being able to enroll existing devices in DEP?

If you purchased the iPads through an Apple business account after March 1, 2011, they may be eligible for DEP enrollment. To check eligibility, this is a very helpful tool:

Kind of a big deal

Try checking the account settings in iOS, then you will probably be able to see the Apple ID. If you have access to the email you may need to reset the password. We have seen all too many times that someone uses their personal account then they get too many devices and then they start creating new vanity email accounts. I would take it on a device by device basis. Once you figure out one or two you will find out how they were setup better.

Thank you for your reply. We know which device is associated with which Apple ID, I have the passwords that I need for them as well. 
We are unsure why we are still being prompted for a password for the Apple ID associated with the device to install updates after re-enrolling the device in Meraki. 

I think we are looking into moving everything over to DEP so it's easier to manage in the future. 

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