Meraki SCEP wifi authentication

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Meraki SCEP wifi authentication

I've implemented SCEP wifi auth using SM tags, and every now and then when users connect to the network they get asked for a username&password (with a dropdown option to select the scep certificate) have anyone else experienced this before? 

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Any chance you are making changes to the associated SSID? I'm aware of the possibility that changing an SSID might cause this behavior (but it is something I'm still researching).

No, I thought so as well. I read up on it and saw that Meraki sentry enrolment splash auth should be disabled. So I disabled it, but no feedback yet (no news is good news right?) Will wait and see what happens. But I don't see how that would solve the issue.


Do you think it might be because we use SCEP in all of our offices, so every office assigns every device a different cert, then the device does not know which one to auth with?

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Did you get this sorted? We're having a similar issue, we get a drop down every time though

Sadly no

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We weren't able to solve this, Meraki kept blaming it on us using a mix of MR3x-MR5x in our environment but this happened even for offices with only MR3x MR4x or MR5x respectively, they said the gear is generations behind thus we'll experience issues, but in the same breath they said these products. are not EOL yet and still supported by Meraki.

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