Match Serial Number to IMEI

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Match Serial Number to IMEI

We're new to Systems Manager and just got a bulk load of devices purchased over the past several months loaded by our Carrier into DEP.   Nice.


The problem is, the carriers use IMEI as the primary device identifier and don't have Serial Number anywhere.   Systems Manager, on the DEP page gives me a long list of serial numbers.   I don't see any way to know which device to associate with a particular owner because of this disconnect.


Anyone else run into this issue and have a good solution?

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@RamShear  If you go to your SM > Devices page and click the little black + sign at the top right of your device list you should see this popup window with the IMEI option.


You could then use the search function to narrow things down if needed and then use the CSV button to export the information. 



Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 7.40.08 AM.png


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The trouble is, that's not available for the devices where the profile hasn't been pushed.  It's been assigned on the DEP view, but they don't show up on the devices page until we reset those iPhones.    My intention was to do small groups at a time, but I wanted to have the owners assigned to their appropriate devices before I started resetting phones.

Kind of a big deal

What about letting Systems Manager assign the owner during the setup phase?  It does this automatically if you have authentication enabled.

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Just in case someone else someday has the same question:


In Apple Business Manager, In the 'Devices' view, if you select 'All Devices'  there is an option to download a .csv file of your full DEP device list which includes both Serial Number and IMEI (labeled 'Device_ID')


Thanks for the responses.

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