MDM and Remote Device Capabilities


MDM and Remote Device Capabilities

Have access through our dashboard to the free System Manager but have not tried the newer Enterprise System Manger and was wondering how robust the remote desktop capabilities are?  I know in the version we have in our dashboard (which I think was when it was in beta (ie 100 free)) it would connect to Windows desktops but not provide a lot of functionality so my question is the new Enterprise version provide enough features to be a RMM tool for small business or should we just use a regular RMM tool?


Thanks for the input.  Just needed to know before we made any decision.   

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The remote desktop features with free vs. paid are the same. What additional features are you looking for, like copy/paste?


Look at the link below, about half way down it describes what you get legacy vs. paid for each OS.

Kind of a big deal

The remote control is very restrictive and the way Meraki has package deployment turned on is also quite confusing. Hoping for improvement soon to the Mac management side!

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