Location tracking on Android

Kind of a big deal

Location tracking on Android

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is there anything special about location tracking on Android devices? I've got one endpoint (Samsung S9) that's enrolled perfectly and has location tracking for SM enabled. However, it will never report its location when that particular client leaves its "home net" so any try to leverage geofencing is busted.


All iDevices are working flawlessly in this regard, Android seems to be something special here...

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@CptnCrnch Do you have the SM app installed on the S9? The location reporting for iOS used to be atrocious as well because of how infrequently it would report back to the MDM server by default, and you had to send down a check in command to get the accurate location. Perhaps this is a similar situation.

Sure, the App is installed and has all the permissions it needs.


Well, „fortunately“ there‘s no real need for location tracking as everyone is working from home anyways. 🙈

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Hey CptnCrnch,


What version of the Android app is on that device? Version 5.3.3 of the SM Android app fixed a GPS Location bug, it was released a couple weeks back.



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