Location Services on VPP Apps

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Location Services on VPP Apps

Please forgive my ignorance up front... 

With that out of the way here is my issue. When I push VPP apps to iOS devices (iPads) I'm having to go individually to devices after the cast to enable location services permissions for devices. Meraki Systems Manager & Square Register are two examples of this... This may be my initial setup for all I can tell because Location Services is always disabled and I have to turn it on manually as well. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to do this server-side instead of having to go to clients?


Thanks for guidence.

Kind of a big deal

Are you using DEP?

We do have DEP but this most of these devices were existing and weren't on DEP yet.

Kind of a big deal

Are all the devices in supervised mode, or only the DEP devices?

All devices are supervised... Most are set up with Apple Configurator 2.  DEP devices are as well however I think those are actually Supervised to an apple ID  (which we couldn't do till recently with AC2)

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