Installing Custom Apps on Mac with owner tags

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Installing Custom Apps on Mac with owner tags

I would like to install an app which includes email address as an installation arguments. I have the machine's owner setup (name + email) in Meraki Management console.


Is there any way to push in the installation arguments? This documentation does not suggest its doable


thank you




Kind of a big deal

Depends on the application and if it supports install arguments. What is the App?

backblaze - it does support command line arguments and passing it, I am just not sure how to pass the actual I setup for that machine in meraki console as a parameter



Kind of a big deal

The docs for backblaze don't require the email to do the install. I would suggest doing the install without the email, but the rest of the required ones. Otherwise you will have to pass the full credentials each time. If you really want to do that, I would create a spreadsheet with user login info. Then make a template command without the user credentials. Then on each agent just copy and paste in the user credentials from the spreadsheet or the full command with credentials.



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