IOS OR Meraki SM settings issue???????

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IOS OR Meraki SM settings issue???????


i have brand new 115 ipads in Meraki  they are split up in to 4 settings group , all of the setting are the same ( but split up for different counties)


 i turn on iPad>  select Language>United States>connect to WiFi>informs me about config profile > installs config profile > Then here is where my issue starts ,, we use a 4 digit pass-code , when i select pass-code options for 4 digit , it does not always bring up pass-code option . i have to hit the back button then it will let me select 4 digit , i enter in the 4 digit code twice and then boom the Ipad restarts , and does not remember the pass-code and goes to the home screen with No pass-code on the device ,, because of our settings i have it set for end user not to be able to change the pass-code so i have to Erase the device and start over again,   it happens on 6 out every 10 Ipads , to me it doesn't seem to be a meraki settings issue because it doesn't do it on every single one.


(everything is supervised)

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yea thats what i have been doing is just doing the remote wipe 

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@MikeMandalorian I have never seen that I think it may be an issue that Meraki is pushing our the password profile and it is forcing that reboot. This is how I am enforcing passcodes and I don't seem to run into this issue - I use a policy to see if the user has a passcode set if not, the password configuration profile pops down at check-in and forces them to set a passcode. The user can still remove it after the profile is removed and they are considered 'compliant', but it is just going to harass them at the next check-in. 

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we use the same 4 digit passcode and end users have very limited control over ipad just a few apps and thats it.

No itunes,icloud,appstore,, cant remove apps ,  they cant even reset the ipad with out having the restrictions passcode whic only I.T. knows , and yes that means i have to manually set it on every single ipad lol 

I have not seen this bug. I would check to make sure the tablets are on the latest software before even enrolling. 


To save you some time, you could push out the app removal policy and reset policy from dashboard. I usually just send the remote wipe command right from dashboard. That all depends on if your field support has access to Meraki.



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yea thats what i have been doing is just doing the remote wipe 

i get them at 10.3.2
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