Has anyone enrolled Windows 10 devices?

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Has anyone enrolled Windows 10 devices?

I've been able to get a machine enrolled in Systems Manager, but I'm seeing two errors and don't really know what they mean.  Does anyone have any experience with these?


This is the errorin the activity log.... Error: registration failed; bad data connection?; verify internet access over mobile data or try airplane mode with wifi on.


...And this one in the event log...which shows a status: error beside it...

Send WNS push notification token response received


Sorry - I'm new to Meraki so any assistance would be appreciated!

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Head in the Cloud

We have quite a few Windows 10 devices - both home and pro. For any error messages, I'd suggest opening a case from your dashboard - probably the best way to get support quickly.

BHC Resorts IT Department

Thanks, BHC...I'll take that route!

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