Getting the Error 0x80180001


Getting the Error 0x80180001

Getting the Error 0x80180001, Any ideas what the issue is?

Kind of a big deal

Where are you seeing this error?

This is occuring when i'm trying to enroll the device to MDM:

Windows 10 PC

Settings -> Accounts -> Access work or school -> Enroll only in device management

Kind of a big deal

I think that is a bad sign.  I think I would just deploy the Systems Manager agent instead.

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If you are an Office 365 user try changing your email address to something that is not an O365 address when it asks for it.  Once you get the prompt to enter the server info you can then enter your real O365 address and it should register.  I had the same issue.


I have the same mistake, the solution did not solve the problem.
what can we do to correct the problem?

w10pro - 1703



Not sure it's the case for you but I had this error and I first had to delete that device from systems manager dashboard before trying to re add.

Comes here often

I got this error when trying to enroll my Surface.

My coworker told me that we have duplicate entries in our Devices, and that I should delete one.

I deleted several duplicate entries in the Meraki console and re-enrolled my Surface.


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We have a few hundred Win 10 devices and this error used to pop up quite frequently prior to 1809. Recommended remedy includes the following steps:

1. Make sure Windows doesn't have major any pending updates. Generally speaking we recommend users to be on the latest version of Win 10.
2. Uninstall McAffee antivirus preinstalled on HP and Dell laptops we have.
3. Wait for a couple of days and try again.

Meraki recommended enrollment for Win 10 is Settings first, Agent second. Other way around is causing double entries in the Dashboard which I have to frequently address to support.
Here to help

I am also facing same error. i have installed win 10.0 build 18363. 


can anyone help much appreciated..


A server error occured. please try again(0x80180001).

Hi Sankar, did you find a solution to this? It seems to be an issue that people have reported for years now with no apparent solution.


I cannot even enrol users via the Agent when this error occurs.

Resolved. The issue was that we had used all of our licenses, and needed to purchase more.


Hi IT-Tom,
add me.

You Post heled to find the direction:  In per Device Licening this (Server Error 0x80180001) means the License ist not assigned to the Network whrere it is needed.

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