Existing, or Feature Request: Custom Lock Screen Message for Windows Devices

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Existing, or Feature Request: Custom Lock Screen Message for Windows Devices

First, Meraki did great by giving us custom lock screen messages for iOS and macOS devices. Thank you! That feature is very useful in our Enterprise. But now we need the same for our Windows devices. There are ways to set the lock screen messages in the Registry, so can't be hard to implement in Meraki SM/MDM. 


Personally, I would like to see the same capabilities as are available for macOS "Login window" setting, possibly even adding custom login screen wallpaper.


If it exists, please point me in the right direction. If not, hopefully others need this and Meraki can prioritize adding the functionality. Thanks for your consideration!

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Here to help

Not quite sure why, but I could not add labels to my post for Windows OS, Windows 10, Windows, Win10, etc., even though there are labels for other operating systems, like macOS. So maybe I'm posting this question in the wrong section of this forum.

Kind of a big deal

Not available yet afaik, but a good idea indeed.


Regarding the labels, you're right, there's no label for windows available. This is the list of allowed labels in the SM forum:

Android, API, Apps, Chrome OS, DEP, Enrollment, GPS, iOS, K12, macOS, Monitoring, Other, Sentry, VPP

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