End User Infographic/Documentation

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End User Infographic/Documentation

Hi All,


First topic so please be kind! 🙂


We are at the point where we are about to push out Systems Manager to end users, this is the first time the business has ever used MDM so it will be a bit of a shock as users have had pretty much total freedom with their devices to this point.


Understandably there will be some paranoia and misunderstanding of the product the usual "IT are spying on me" etc. So with that in mind i was wondering if Meraki had some information for end users on the product? An infographic perhaps? or a page of information that doesn't scare/confuse those who aren't tech savvy? Our environment is 99% iOS so something that clears up exactly what Meraki can see and what it cant (Messages, Photos, etc).


I've looked in the library and done a few searches but i cant find anything out there. This post is in hope rather than expectation, i understand its not up to Meraki to produce this sort of content.

Thank You.

Kind of a big deal

To quite some extent, this will be controlled by what policy option you use (and even your internal company policies).


It would be hard to put together a document like this as a result.


The self service portal is a good place for users to go to if they want to see what info is available on them:


Building a reputation

There's definitely a conversation to be had between IT and your employees, whether that's an info campaign/executive-level communication/workshops/etc.


I would recommend drawing up a list of the benefits your users will see by having Meraki on their devices. At my org that means company-owned Macs, but in your case I'm guessing this is either personal or company-owned iOS devices?


-We played up the ability to push updates or have remote help on Macs without users needing to be in the building or connect to VPN first.

-Tracking a device if it's lost or stolen

-Password resets if a user is on/off network

-Data security, something required by clients. (You don't want to be the employee that caused a breach that makes the news...)

Getting noticed

Thank you for the pointers, its greatly appreciated.

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