Deploy profile cisco VPN anyconnet

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Deploy profile cisco VPN anyconnet

Hi team

I have try to deploy Cisco Anyconnect VPN for my user WFH and they using windows laptop. For the core vpn app I can use MDM to deploy. But I try to find out the way I can push vpn profile the these Laptop. I research on document Meraki and findout this document.

Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 08.38.12.png


They said that we can push cisco anyconnect vpn profile to EU using MDM but I can not see any guideline for this configration.


Anyone can help ?

Thanks all

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Yes I did, but this guideline just how up how to setup any connect application and I understand the we can upload profile vpn XML to Meraki MX this profile will be pushed to EU on the first time of login but I looking for the solution to push Cisco anyconnect app and profile vpn from Meraki MDM to Laptop user on the same times. 


On document Meraki explain that we can push profile vpn from MDM but they did not show how to do it.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are you deploying it from a central file server or from the cloud?

I am deploying it from Cisco Meraki MDM cloud

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