Custom APK Issue - Android

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Custom APK Issue - Android

Hi there,


I'm having an issue installing a custom APK and hoping the community can help.


We have a compatibility issue between a current Google Play version of some software and the hardware we use, so we've obtained a historical version of this app. 


We've then set this app up as a Custom type and removed the "official upto date version" as it wouldn't allow us to have a custom and store app with the same identifier. 


When we look at the app on the device it's running the most upto date version and says this has been installed by Google Play Store. We've also disabled autoupdates for Google Play apps. 


Hope that makes sense so far? So it appears either the Custom App we are deploying isn't getting deployed and the MDM is deploying the Google Play current version OR it's getting downloaded and immediately updated even though we've created a profile setting to block this.


Worth mentioning we are using Kiosk Mode and the APP is setup in here as opposed to through Private Apps, this is how we were told to do it by support. Not sure if this would cause the issue?


The app in question is 3CX a VOIP PBX app and the actual reason we're having to rollback is that in Kiosk Mode there is no ringtone on the current Google Store app but there is on the previous version. 


Appreciate your assistance!



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