Changing from Google Managed Domain to Meraki Managed Domain

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Changing from Google Managed Domain to Meraki Managed Domain

With changes on Google's side of things we have found ourselves at a point where we are looking at changing from the Google Domain to the Meraki Domain. Has anyone out there already done this and able to offer any sort of insight into this process and potential issues they encountered, or if it was just a simple conversion, at least as far as going to Organization>MDM and then changing the enroll type from 'Existing Google Domain' to 'Meraki Managed Domain'?


We have a few dozen Android tablets in the field that our drivers use everyday. They use Google Maps for GPS and an app that updates their status, ie "At Jobsite" "Loading" "Returning from Jobsite" and etc. That's all they're used for.


We also have about 14-16 Apple iPads and MacBooks in the field.


We currently use one gsuite account to sign into all the tablets, that way we're not paying for 20+ gsuite accounts that we're not utilizing any of the services that's offered. That's proving to become a headache as Google is changing some things.

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