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Bootstrap Token Support



I operate in a mainly Windows environment but we have a few Apple products hanging out there, in particular a couple MacBook Pros that are running on the Big Sur OS. The accounts created and used on these MacBooks are Mobile accounts and with that, they can not perform System Updates since they do not have a Bootstrap Token. We currently have to sign in to a local admin account that is on the computer to perform the system updates.


I can see in our Meraki Dashboard that there is a location under the Security section of the device that says "Bootstrap Token Allowed: Disallowed". Since the latest MacOS, it looks like this token is required for Mobile accounts in order to perform System Updates. Is there a way to change this setting from Disallowed to Allowed in Meraki or locally on the computer? I tried some other methods locally on the computer but those look like they were used in previous versions of MacOS. 


Any information is much appreciated!

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It's ridiculous, something this important has not been implemented by Meraki yet.

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