BYOD Enrollment

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BYOD Enrollment

I noticed some issues on BYOD enrollment, when sending request per mail.


First of all, I think this issue is related to iOS 12 or 12.3. and Meraki pushing profile

  • Users clicks on link in mail, gets redirected to website, authenticates himself and gets notified about enrollment, allows it and nothing happens -> profile gets just downloaded and user needs to enter settings again and allow a second time to install the profile


Second, this seems to be only Meraki related

  • There is no automatic user assignment after user authenticates himself


Has anyone else experienced such issues in the last few weeks, months?

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@beks88  I have never used the enrollment method that you mention altohugh if its not working as you would expect it to I would give support a quick call and get them to confirm the process. 

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This was a change within iOS. This is the Apple support article confirming this is new to iOS 12.2 and above.

Thanks @CJ_Ramsey, any known issues (open cases) about the second point before I contact the support?


Not aware of any known issues. Probably worth contacting support and having them take a look.

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Hey @beks88,

changes in iOS will require the user to manually open Settings to approve and install the profile.

You can send this to the users for how-to:


We use Google Authentication and that's working with assigning users to the device. We have G Suite. what do you use?

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We use Active Directory, when devices enroll through DEP the auto user assignment works as expected. Only BYOD enrollment has this issues

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Sorry, need to revert, the affected network uses Meraki Managed Owners.


Thank you for trying to help me, but that's not the point.


Users are already set up. They have to authenticate themself upon enrollment, regardless they are coming over DEP or BYOD. The only difference between these two methods.


When coming over DEP, Meraki checks the device, checks authentication and assigns automatically user to this device, so user tagged profiles are getting installed.

When coming over BYOD, Meraki checks the device, checks authentication but doesn't assign user to device, so user tagged profiles aren't getting installed until we manually assign user to device.

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