App Deployment Error - IGNORE - Problem sorted

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App Deployment Error - IGNORE - Problem sorted


I'm trying to deploy an app out to a load of iOS devices and I'm receiving the following error message when I hit save:


There were errors in saving this configuration:
  • 671599294431667441: Tags cannot be blank with the current scope.
Kind of a big deal

That's the error that comes up when you select the "with ANY of the following tags" but you don't actually specify any tags (in device tags or policy tags). The way you have it in the screenshot it shouldn't show up.

This just started happening to us on existing networks, with existing apps. Selecting an App and choosing Refresh Details and then saving generates the error. Not adjusting tags at all.


2019-01-18 11_48_06-Tags cannot be blank with the current scope.png

Sounds like a bug, I'd contact with Meraki Support.

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