Android weird issues

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Android weird issues

Hi All,


Seems like i need community help since Meraki can't handle this issue. 

Some of our Android users are experiencing an issue where they receive a “new email account” notification.

When they click the notification they get presented with: Screenshot

If the users enter email address and password they get a message “sign in failed”.

If the users try to open the email app they get following Screenshot

This issue was first reported to us on January 3rd. Was there any change done to a SM on that day?

Some of the sample logs from one of the affected users: Logs


Issue is affecting random users on random Android phones. Case was escalated within Meraki on 26th of Jan but not communications from them since. Any ideas? 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I know these was some Systems manager fixes pushed about 7 days ago.  Are you still having the same issue?


This could also be caused by the remote server remotely refusing the authentication from time to time forcing the user to re-authenticate.  I have seen this happen on older version of Exchange during mailbox migrations.

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