Android, the Work Profile for MDM and the camera

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Android, the Work Profile for MDM and the camera



Quite new to Meraki so still trying to work stuff out. However, we have an issue where we have an custom app that will role out to phones via the MDM solution on to peoples Work Profiles. However, if you then use the camera, it refuses to send any photos from the camera to this app. Unless we leave the app outside the Work Profile.



Is there a way round this issue?



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Have you made the camera part of the work profile?

If you are using it out with the work profile assuming it is not the device owner then it wont be able to see the application.

I didn't know you could make the camera part of the Work Profile. How would you do that as it's the built in camera app.

Sorry i was wrong, haven't used this side of meraki in a while.

i think it is meant to create a copy of the application but with the orange briefcase beside the name, so there should be a camera application with the orange briefcase beside the name or icon specifically for the work profile.

Kind of a big deal

Try creating an Android policy for the "Android System Apps" setting, and set the "List Type" to "Blacklist".


I'm thinking this will allow your managed app to use system apps, like the camera.


 Screenshot from 2018-04-25 10-33-56.png

But if I blacklist the camera app, won't that stop it from working? According to what the blurb seems to suggest when I look at what blacklisting will do.

Leave the blacklist empty. Then everything is permitted.

OK thanks. I think I'll have to put that through as a change request in case it takes out all machines 🙂

It wont take anything out.  If anything, it will enable more things.

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Has someone come up with a feasible solution to deploy camera app in Work Profile? We have a zoo of personal android devices enrolled by staff. Simply allowing all default apps, like PhilipDAth suggested above, looks messy as work profile gets filled with whatever bloatware vendors put on the phones these days. For example my Motorola has air carrier member apps, TV and radio apps there. With Pixels, Samsungs, Xiaomis, Asuses, Huaweis, LGs, Oppos and Motorola's out there it is getting cumbersome to blacklist all unnecessary apps.

As a workaround, you can access default camera from Outlook Online when adding photo as an attachment but users want direct access to it. I was thinking to add a generic camera app from Play Store but the one I tried have ads in them which is annoying.
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