Android WiFi Profile in 'Work profile (BYOD)'

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Android WiFi Profile in 'Work profile (BYOD)'

I have been fortunate enough to only need to support iPhones for a number of years but now find myself with a number of Android devices coming into my environment. I have managed to get the management, mail, and Anyconnect VPN configured but I seem to be stuck on WiFi.


We are using 802.1x authentication and have been authenticating iOS devices for a while without issue.


I can see the WiFi profile and certificate on the SM app configuration tab but it looks like it is trapped inside the work container. Am I missing something? Is there a configuration flag somewhere that will allow this device to connect to WiFi via the managed configuration?


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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi wperry1,


As per the documentation Wi-Fi configuration can only be configured in Device Owner mode. This will not work or BYOD devices. Try enrolling a test device in Device Owner mode and see if it helps.


-- mer_tech01

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