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Android Web Shortcut

We have web clips that can be deployed to iOS devices, but do not see a way of doing that to an Android device. Is there a way to deploy a web shortcut?

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Meraki Employee

There is indeed:


1. Go to Systems Manager > Apps

2. Click + Add App and select Android and Play Store App

3. You'll see the new Google iFrame appear


Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 11.55.57 AM.png

4. Click the little grey world icon on the left and click Web Apps

5. You'll now be in the interface where you can manage your web apps. Click the multicolored + in the bottom right hand corner

6. You can now create your web app, including: Title, URL, UI experience, and upload an icon. Once done, click Create.

7. No, for reasons I don't quite fully understand, it takes some considerable time for the back end to create your web app. This is NOT like iOS where the web clip is instant: Google creates a fully functional app for you with a web browser contained within

8. Once created you'll have:

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 11.59.41 AM.png

You can edit this if you wish


Once it's appeared properly in the web App Store, you can click on the icon as shown above, click Select and treat it as a regular android app:


Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 12.36.15 PM.png





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