Android Device Enrollment & Samsung Galaxy A53 issues - KNOX?

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Android Device Enrollment & Samsung Galaxy A53 issues - KNOX?



We have previously been an iPhone store, but we are now offering Android deployment however since playing around with Android phones, I have been noticing that not all functionality is working.


For example,


1. The Phone Dialler is missing (phone button)

2. Contacts is missing

3. I can't power off the phone

4. I can't search through the listed apps

5. I can't access apps via Playstore.


I feel like it is something to do with this KNOX feature.


Here is what I have done so far


1. Purchased the phone through a local retailer,

2. Turned on phone and tapped phone 6 times to enroll

3. Selected Device Owner Mode in Meraki SM, and scanned barcode (I can't choose Work Profile via QR Code)

4. In Meraki SM, I have setup some Device Profiles, mostly allowing System Apps, require PIN, and prevent Factory Reset, 

5. Setup some Apps to be deployed 


The app deploy fine, but I still can't do basic functions like open the Phone app, or Contacts.


What am I missing here? 

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