Add Google Account to afw#meraki

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Add Google Account to afw#meraki



my name is Miguel, I'm working with meraki in my company. Recently we are need add a "Google account" on our devices, that's becouse we're deploying an app web embebedd in apk and we use services like google cloud print so we need make persist loggin in a webview. The way what we want is have a google account to remenber this data.  


Is there a way to add remotely a "Google account" using the "afw#meraki" enrollment method? 


Sorry for my bad english.

Kind of a big deal

Is there any reason you can't just add the Google Account to all your devices?


Are you using Meraki Systems Manager?



ps. Using Google Cloud Print might not be a good solution for your problem.  Any reason you can't print to the printers directly?

I can do it manually but I want add a "Google Account" remotily but I don't know the steps. I'm using Meraki System Manager and a network well configurate, the system work fine but I dont know how can i add remotily to devices a "Google Account".


The question not is why i need the google account, the case is i need the account in 8 devices but I don't find any document which resolve my problem.  

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