AD Auth stopped working

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AD Auth stopped working

Hello all,


I've been using AD Authentication through a SM agent method for quite a while without issue, until this week.

I am no longer able to, the apple phones give the generic login info wrong or missing error.

I at first tried restarting the SM agent on the workstation with no luck, eventually moving it to a VM with the agent installed.

Still no luck, so I installed wireshark on the VM and monitored LDAP port 389. Checking the connection configuration status on the dashboard gives a authentication test was done, shown by wireshark. Annoyingly in cleartext I might add. 

But when attempting to authenticate from multiple phones, no traffic.


Is anyone else experiencing issues? Is this an issue with Apple DEP, or with Meraki?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The odd time I have had a problem a restart of the AD controller made it come right.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What machine is functioing as your AD proxy?  Have you tried rebooting that?

Hi Philip,
I have a supplementary question.

My colleague has set this up for us. He's not in the office at the moment.

How can I tell which machine is doing this work?


I've found where the Domain Controllers are specified.

I'm going to create a separate thread as I suspect my issue is different.

Kind of a big deal

Also experiencing a similar problem. It seems Meraki doesn't like having to DC's plugged in or it throws off the sync. I removed one DC and re-synced AD groups and it seemed to have solve the problem. 

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Our AD authenticaion via AD is also not working.
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