100 SM licenses

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100 SM licenses


For some reason, my previous Meraki admin purchased a 50 device license for SM.  I am not sure why he did this since the first 100 devices are "free".  I have used the 50 and now need more licenses.  My licensing page only shows 50 available licenses so I assume when he applied the 50 device license it removed the 100 "free" device license.  Is there any way that I can get my unused 50 "free" back?  Or can I remove the 50 paid license to get 100 free back?




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The 100 device licence was a promo that was on at the time.  That promo ended a long time ago.  Also the promo licences were (substantially) not eligible for new features.  Paid licences get everything.


If you had the promo licences and bought paid licences then the full featured paid licences replace the promo licences.


Removing the licences will not restore promo licences.  It is quite possible the account never had the promo licences to begin with.

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