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Alerts & Thresholds


Alerts & Thresholds

We are in need of Snmp alerts on our managed endpoints that have Systems Manager on them.  

Examples would be:


1. CPU usage @ 90% for a length of time

2. Storage at %

3. Changes in critical system files

4. Failing drives

5. Etc....


Please tell me Cisco has this coming down the pipeline.  Without the alerting aspect SM is just pretending to be a monitoring tool.


Does anyone have a workaround or a good alternative?

Kind of a big deal

Re: Alerts & Thresholds

I wouldn't personally be keen on SNMP alerting, but some kind of alerting would be good, probably in the form of a dashboard or monitoring screen.



Re: Alerts & Thresholds

It wouldn't have to be Snmp but some more granular alerts and tool-box for remediations would be great.

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