Episode 51: Dive into Diversity and Inclusion

Meraki Employee

Jessica Gilbert (Meraki's head of Diversity and Collaboration) will take us through a conversation about Meraki's D&I efforts and how they play into Cisco's larger story. You'll learn more about our strategic partnerships, how to think more intentionally about inclusive behaviors, and you'll walk away with actionable steps to create a more inclusive team.


Building a reputation

Get Woke, Go Broke. Be careful playing around with the critical race theory stuff. Keep your customers happy, not the woke mob, not woke celebrities, not woke politicians.Your customers and stakeholders are what matter, not the woke garbage.


Cisco makes awesome networking gear. That is the company's job.


Please, for the love of networking, stick to doing that, and don't go Woke. It won't end well. Just ask Coca-Cola and Disney.

New here

I wish to have wider.meraki.com:8090 removed from my browser, so I can procure such material that I've been receiving for years now, since I turned 60yrs old, 4 yrs ago