Episode 47: IT Trends in 2021

Meraki Employee

Join us for a fascinating discussion with IDC Research Director Dr William Lee, who takes us on a journey through our evolving technology landscape, and how we, as humans, are adapting to the changed world around us. This exploration into IT trends touches on many areas we know well, and provokes us to think about how we can use technology to help us confidently move ahead.


Getting noticed

Hey Simon,


I have been a fan of your podcast ever since I started working with Meraki and its been enormously helpful by enabling me to understand everything about the Meraki ecosystem. Your podcast was one of the things that inspired me to start a room on clubhouse called the The Future of Networking, and so this episode was particularly interesting as it deals with the same field!

I would love for you to listen in this coming Wednesday https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/mW6Jqwda


It would really be a pleasure of mine to host you some time in the future! 😁

Kind of a big deal

Thank you @merakisimon for doing these podcasts.

Kind of a big deal

@merakisimon @It’s good one ... any Gartner review or podcast for SDWAN