Episode 29: Deep dive on the Meraki Cellular Gateway

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There's always been a case for flexible networking solutions, accommodating remote or temporary sites, and to provide backup. That case has been further strengthened by the pandemic, which has thrown up considerable productivity challenges for us all. The Meraki Cellular Gateway makes it easier to take advantage of cellular networks where regular ISP connectivity may be limited, or even to augment those with redundancy. Join us for a deep dive into the use cases and technology behind our cellular gateway.



Really enjoy learning about the cellular gateway as its not something I have had the chance to use before.


Great to hear this deep dive into this much needed technology from Meraki. Eliminates the need for looking at additional equipment for redundancy. Looking forward to seeing Meraki continue to evolve this cellular option. 


Cell shows how to get 50+ meg to a device 

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Great concept. Certainly a lot more flexible than having to run coax to an external antenna. Nice to see Meraki broadening the product portfolio

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Was really curious about this box! I’ve prepared my roof for the outdoor antennas. Thanks for the deep dive!

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Thanks for this recording. Cellular Gateway is a awesome device.

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This episode came right on time , In Israel the 5G deployment had just started and we  in a middle of a major project to deploy Cellular gateways in a vast health and finance sectors .


This episode had demonstrated the abilities of Meraki solution and the ease of use from deployment and management aspects.

it contribute to our efforts to position Meraki as the ultimate product for this solution. 


Thanks for sharing all of this benefits with us 



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Great episode!


Having a device like the Meraki G21 in your portfolio opens up a wide array of oportunities and problem solving where a failover solution or even a primary circuit was found chalenging to implement. 

Great device and great episode.




Love the MG21, found it really easy to use.


Looking forward to trying out the MG21 to replace an ISR cell card.

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Good stuff in here!


Cool! Never heard of this before and looking in to learning more about this.


Glad to see Meraki has added the MG lineup to the hardware stack.  LTE, Gigabit LTE and 5G are all accesses needed for the future especially if you cannot get wired services.  Beware of the USB enable dongles and such.  Many LTE devices go to sleep when relying on USB connections, we have learned to steer clear of those.  Also LTE services are pretty much usage based so only using what you need when you need it is crucial when dealing with Cellular BB.

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