Episode 24: Product Managing Meraki APIs

Meraki Employee

Version control is a fundamental component of Product Management, providing focus for development teams, and helping our customers clearly understand what versions deliver what capabilities. At Meraki we're moving to versioning for our dashboard API, and in this episode we talk to a couple of the prime movers making that happen.


Comes here often

Really good work on the API part. 
I like the Postman collection that can be used directly and also use them as a starting point for my own call's.

The online API usage through the swager pages is really usefull. It helps out by getting the right API calls to be used in the script without running the script multiple times to get the result needed. Good work to allign it with the Postman collection.


Here to help

This was my favorite episode - glad to hear about the increase in focus on monitoring enhancements within the API and interesting to hear how many customers/users are using the Dashboard API now. 

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