Episode 22: What's Happening in Wi-Fi

Meraki Employee

Challenging times, and even though the whole of Cisco is working from home – as many are around the world – the show goes on, and at Meraki we're continuing to develop our products and features to help solve real-world challenges. In this episode we're in conversation with Scott Wierstra, one of our wireless product managers, learning what's happening in Wi-Fi.


Comes here often

This is a great podcast and covers several of my questions with Meraki wireless, Meraki wireless is fantastic, the viability and management is very straight forward.

I am wondering when there will be more detailed info in the event logs for wireless connectivity issues ?

Thanks !


Comes here often

Really good insight about wireless and understand how to throttle usage by group policy.  



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Podcasts like these help me to prepare for future deployments and the application of new technologies - TWT/OFDMA - stated by the casters put context to real-world use.