Never leave a customer waiting again!

Never leave a customer waiting again!



Retail establishments, hospitality providers, small businesses, and other entities regularly have customers and visitors stop by their facility on a daily basis. Unfortunately distractions, limited head count, and other issues can prevent someone from being at the door to welcome a guest when they arrive. The MT30 smart automation button solves this problem, by using webhooks to send a message to Webex Teams and alert staff members that a guest has arrived. 


Create a new applet so that IF a webhook web request is received, THEN post a message to Webex Teams

IFTTT Flow.jpg

Name the web request event

webhook event name.jpg


Choose a Webex room and create a message. Use the "OccurredAt" ingredient if you would like the message to include the time.

Webex event fields.jpg

Navigate to your avatar in the top right, click my services, choose webhooks, then select documentation.

Enter the event name in the field below and copy the webhook server URL. 

webhook server url.jpg


Meraki Dashboard Setup

Under network wide >> alerts, create a new webhook and paste the URL from the previous step

Webhook alert setup.jpg


Create a new automation for the MT30 and add the newly created webhook server as the recipient.



Trigger the alert by pressing the MT30 button. Verify in dashboard that the alert has been recorded. 

sensor alert picture.png


Check the webex space and verify that the message has been received.

webex alert.jpg



You successfully configured MT30 to alert you any time a customer arrives at your business and needs assistance.