Meraki Client VPN Setup Wizard

Meraki Client VPN Setup Wizard



Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Deploying client VPN to Windows 10 machines on mass has been difficult and feature lacking.  I have solved this problem by creating a wizard that lets you type in the parameters required for your client VPN and it automatically creates a PowerShell script to implement the solution.


It implements a rich array of functions including:

  • Building split-tunnel VPNs
  • Building full tunnel VPNs
    • Allows for the automatic exclusion of Office 365 services by dynamically fetching the list of Office 365 IP addresses at the time the script is run.
    • Allows for the automatic exclusion of Cisco WebEx address.
  • Both types of VPN allow for general subnet exclusions.


You can try the wizard out here: 

A model citizen

Cool Philip! i'll check it out when I get my hands on a Windows laptop again! Thanks for sharing! (switched to a chromebook a while ago)