Largest Meraki Build to date - Exigere Networks

Largest Meraki Build to date - Exigere Networks

We were brought in by a customer who was doing an entire build out 11 floors in 2 different buildings. The complexity is that all 5000 + users were going to be able to roam between floors as well as everything had to be wireless in some places extreme density.

Immediately we were met with limitations as Internet bandwidth was going to be 2 - 3GB internet connections from 2 different ISPs. The first recommendation was Cisco core 9410 switches to handle the load. However the IT director preferred to ease of use and the administrative dashboard of the Cisco Meraki.

Therefore we presented the go big or go home Meraki design.

The MDF in each building received 2 - MX450 appliances in each location, thus providing the up to 6gb throughput.

The only limitation draw back on the 450 is that I wish it had 40GB QSFP ports but I will continue to ask.

Next, each MDF has 2 stacked cores of 8 - MS355x switches to handle the 5GB throughput to the 100+ MR55 and MR56 access points, as well as ports for the 20+ MV32 Cameras and the Voip phones on the desktops.

To connect to the IDFs on all of the other floors we used 2 stacked MS450-12 switches to provide redundant 40GB single mode connection to the other floors.

Each of the IDFs per floor were set with at least 1 stack of 8 - MS355x switches to provide again the 5GB to the access points and the 40GB connections back to the MDF.


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That's beautiful. 

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Wow, very nice setup!!  11 floors and 2 buildings.   How well did the site survey go?   And issues?

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Nice setup. Actually about to go through something similar (yet smaller). Would like to pick your brain on how you connected each floor/MDF.


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so nice, but so empty