Home network

Home network

  1. We needed a home network to service a 50ft by 25ft home that has 3 floors 
  2. The equipment evolved from a simple all in one modem/router/NAT which regardless of the device manufacture/model was always needing to be rebooted.  We have 3 border cameras which did not work well with an all in one solution.
  3. GX50, GS110-8P, 2 GR10, 2 GR12, 1 GX20.   Amber X NAS, HP ladder printer, Apple TV streaming, 4 laptops, a few iPhones, 3 video cameras, 3 brown out/surge protectors. 4 Alexa’s , 5 wifi air handlers, 1 wifi water heater, 1 wifi medical grade air purifier.
  4. Maybe incorporate the GX20, maybe remove 1 Gr12.  May add a second amber x NAS.


house has 3 floors and we initially had this equip in the center of 1st floor , wicked worked well , but there was a lot of equipment clutter with wires all over the place in the laundry room in question.  Decide to move it to an unused small storage room located at the center of 3rd floor.

moved everything and performance was the same.  Gx50, gs110, 1 gr12 located in center storage room .

 Gs110 is center device with gx50 , gr12, and NAS wired.


the gr10’s are meshed …1 25ft in each direction….1 on each end of the 3rd floor.

all utility devices use the 2ghz meshed network via the gr10’s.  Humans and their toys use the 5ghz network on the gr12.


The wires and devices are now out of my wife’s sight.  Network performance is excellent.  We never have to reboot anything.


security subscription is on.  No guess network.

we potentially have an extra gs20 and an extra AP.  Maybe they will get integrated later if the second Fw can be used in the same account .


any sample network diagrams    related  would be interesting.