NetFlow and Encrypted Traffic Analytics for all MS Switches not just MX or MS390

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NetFlow and Encrypted Traffic Analytics for all MS Switches not just MX or MS390

I would like to request that Meraki add this feature to all MS switches; the same feature that MX-models and MS390 have when it comes to Netflow and integration with Cisco SNA.


Many Medium the Small businesses can't afford to TAP and SPAN their environment not only from a cost but complexity perspective. Netflow, cFlow, sFlow, jFlow, etc. are the next best thing to packet captures. At my company, we wish to do the SOC Visibility Triad; so we need a solid NDR/NTA solution and Cisco's Secure Network Analytics solution fits the bill nicely except for the fact that we are running MS350s, MS435s, and MS450s.


"Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) Netflow v10 (IPFIX) for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, as well as Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) flow export for use with NetFlow analyzers like Cisco's Secure Network Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch Enterprise and Cloud). This enables organizations to export incredibly granular flows of any traffic through an MS390 whether flowing east, west, north, or southbound. The addition of Encrypted Traffic Analytics allows for an organization to also correlate cryptographic standards as a means to identify security issues in protocols used locally, validation of security audits for compliance requirements, and the ability to fingerprint traffic without performing MiTM decryption. This is incredibly useful for products, like Cisco SNA, to perform fingerprinting of potential security events in the network such as encrypted malware and botnet activity. "