Content Filtering


Content Filtering

While Meraki go can block specific websites, what are the plans around filtering websites in a similar fashion to what we have in Meraki Enterprise? 

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Head in the Cloud

When using Meraki Go for a small business, the Security License Content Filtering should be a matter of choice.  For instance, if the business sells guns, blocking weapons websites would not be appropriate.  Another problematic issue is in the case of a Lingerie or Bikini shop, when the content filtering is blocking Victoria Secret and other legitimate shopping sites because they sell Lingerie or Bikinis.


Either allow Security License Content Filtering to be disabled or enabled, or allow the categories underneath Content Filtering to be disabled or enabled.

Dave Anderson

I am having to disable the Cisco Umbrella for a client so they can go to

This is an example of poorly thought out security implementation that causes enough end user problems, that the security gets removed or worked around. Please add options to disable which categories are blocked.


- Dave
Dave Anderson

My Meraki Go App just updated, and the Cisco Umbrella had been improved!


Now you have a choice of:

  • Security. Filtering only
  • Security and Basic Appropriate Use
  • Security and Moderate Appropriate Use

The Security Filtering allows me to get to any non-malware site I want.


It took 10 or so minutes after switching to the  Security Filtering Only setting before the content filtering was relaxed.


Kudos to Meraki Go Team!

Dave Anderson
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