Cisco AnyConnect Static IP Assignment

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Cisco AnyConnect Static IP Assignment

A few of our customers have a requirement for a client VPN solution that must utilize static IP assignment. I have discussed this with our Meraki rep and they mentioned as AnyConnect was a new upcoming product to Meraki there is still a lot of development to be done. With the Cisco ASA's AnyConnect can be configured with RADIUS to pass through the Assign Static IP Address value. RADIUS and Active Directory is an authentication method for AnyConnect and therefore there should be a way we can have it pass the IP address assignment through. 

The nature of AnyConnect on the Meraki is currently all done DHCP, the local adapter sets an IP address in a static way, yet when you go to change the adapter manually, the Cisco AnyConnect client resets it back to a DHCP address. 


What we would be looking for is a way of configuring a permanent solution for a VPN account or machine to keep the same IP address assignment.