Who am I


Who am I

I am 73 yrs old and retired since the end of 2012.  My career spanned 43 yrs in the IT industry.  I did everything from COBOL programming to Database administration, to office automation, Novell Network Engineer, and owning a network and PC service company for 10 yrs with 15 employees and 350 customers in the Houston area.  After selling the business I went to work for a private equity company as CIO for several of their companies in the solid waste industry.


Since retiring I have been active as the webmaster for our home owners association, our local yacht club, and our church.  I also provide over the phone support to local neighbors since we're way out in the sticks and at least an hour from professional IT help.


I became familiar with Meraki at my last company in 2012 when they were just getting a foothold in the industry.  Recent I needed to add an access point to a distant part of our house and selected the Meraki GO product.  It's been plug 'n play as far as Meraki, but a bit of a challenge to get my ISP to cooperate.


I always appreciate hearing from others familiar with an IT product and likely have had the same issue to deal with as I might be experiencing; so I look forward to getting help here.


My wife and I are avid boating enthusiasts.  In the 1970's we were CAL 21 Fleet 5 champions 5 years running.  After moving to the Albemarle Sound in 2013, we built a home right on the water and have a dock in our backyard for our Carolina Skiff.  These days we mostly touring local small streams for birding and just relaxing.





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