Hello Meraki community, I have been in IT for <too many> years. It has been a wild ride. Starting in the days where someone would point to a device and say, "you now manage that, can you fix that red light it doesn't look right", and the best support option was a BBS (once the BBS was in Bulgaria that was an expensive modem session).


I bumped into Meraki at #CLMel a couple of years ago and have been looking for a reason to use the kit. Finally now I have a few refreshes lined up it could be happening.


After picking up swag over the years, I've settled on an agreement with my co-workers, I keep the socks (if they fit) the rest is up for grabs on the break room table, I will be breaking this rule for any Meraki swag. 😷

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Wow, so you're officially old (too)! 😉 BBS time was really great, and they had me started my IT career because of the reason mentioned... 😁


Welcome to the forums!

It was a momentous day when I upgraded from a 300 baud to 2400 😮

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