Malik-Introduce myself.

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Malik-Introduce myself.

Hi Everyone,


I’m Malik Suwandee from Ricoh(Thailand). I’m just start in-charge Technical pre-sales Cisco Meraki. A little bit experience with Cisco Meraki . Most of experience with video communication collaboration.


I hope get new friend and knowledge from this community. My hobby is connecting Raspberry Pi with smart home but just start. If anyone same my hobby please share your experience with me.


Malik Suwandee😀

Head in the Cloud

Welcome. I like raspberry pi also 

Hi  Tantony,

Nice to meet you. I just start and a little bit of knowledge of Raspberry Pi. If you have a recommendation for a start . Please lets me know. 


Best Regards,

Malik Suwandee

Hi Malik,


I'm dealing with the same passion. I think it is challenging to do great things with the Raspberry. But key is how to start ?


So please, if you recieve recommandations let me know.


Thanks, in advance

Hi Mera,


My idea study hardware and Python language together.

Kind of a big deal

Welcome to the community.


Fun things I've done with RPi:

-Turn it into a Media Center (Kodi - LibreELEC)

-Use it for my home automation (Hassio)

-Use it as a DNS-based ad-blocker (Pi-Hole)

-Turn it into a retro gaming machine (RetroPie)

-Turn it into a google assistant 

Hi BtrchtSchamp,


Nice to meet you. Wow your solution so cool. I like Hassio. I wiil try to do it.


Thank you.



I'm convinced when we want some distraction of the Meraki issues I think Raspberry is good choice …..

I'm a little bit surpressed that in this domain Python is the programming language to go ...

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