Introduction - About Me


Introduction - About Me



My name is Manish Dave


  1. A bit about yourself & your work: 
    1. Currently working as Senior RF Design & Planning at Shaw Communications, Calgary Canada.
    2. Earlier for about 10 years I was with T-Mobile USA as Sr. Engineer in Central Region and responsible for end user data network performance 
    3. I have worked as Manager for turnkey project Management for GTL India Ltd & iGTL Solutions USA Inc
    4. I started my career at Gujarat Communications & Electronics Ltd, a telecom system manufacturing unit India
  2. Your experience with Cisco Meraki
    1. Since Nov. 2014 - while working at Shaw, I am using Meraki AP, Switches , MX devices etc for various network designs
    2. At T-Mobile USA Inc, I was looking at performance of various Cisco P-GW & S-GW
  3. What you're hoping to gain from the community:Mainly New ideas, experience 
  4. A fun fact about yourself: Fun in Learning 🙂 


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