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I created a loop 🤫

Kind of a big deal

I created a loop 🤫

Wait so we get to create a topic talking about ourselves? The horror 😅.


Anyways, I once posted something like this before so I'll update it:


  1. A bit about yourself & your work:
    My official title is Networking Solutions Architect and I work at the Belgian branch of NTT Limited, a Cisco partner. I'm a presales engineer for Cisco networking (not only Meraki). That means my job doesn't really involve hands-on with the hardware. That's why I'm here, I do it as a hobby and to learn about Meraki. In the rest of my free time I like to tinker with electronics & technology, work on my motorbike, watch movies & series, game and go out for drinks.
  2. Your experience with Cisco Meraki
    I have been working with Meraki for about 3 years now and I live it (that's not a typo). I have a full stack at home which I use to experiment, reproduce and provide networking services to an important client, my girlfriend.
  3. A fun fact about yourself
    I once called a switch vendor's support as kid because I had a problem with the network at home. As it turns out both ends of a UTP cable were connected to the switch... Yes, a loop. The shame! I never knew then I'd end up working in networking. Catch them young I guess.