Hi there! Just wrapped up a complete Meraki rollout for the tech company where I head up the IT group. I'm much more hands-on in my current role than I have been in the past, and this is my first foray into rolling out anything more than a very simple network myself. So far it has been really easy to learn Meraki and I think that I am reasonably proficient at this point.


I'm working on a couple things at the moment. First, I am being stubborn about not rolling out a separate client VPN solution, but I have people on a variety of Linux distros (as well as Mac and PC), and getting them up and running on the Meraki VPN is time-consuming. I'm hoping that we will see AnyConnect support relatively soon. Meantime the search continues for a client and IPsec library version that work consistently for all of our Linux users. Second, I want to use the dashboard API to label clients and apply policy as part of our OS deployment process. I think this community will be a good resource as I dig deeper into those and similar projects.

Kind of a big deal

Sounds a) like you have a decent plan and b) that you'll be able to find help in here. 🙂



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