Hi there.


1.) I was a computer science major almost 30 years ago. I've moved through help desk/level one support, system administration, networking and now my main focus is security in the financial services industry. About a year ago I earned my CISSP.


2.) I'm fairly new to Meraki but have deployed around 30 access points at our corporate office. We've also deployed a few Meraki switches at remote sites. I appreciate the visual aspect of the switches after having worked with Cisco switches in the past. At this point we've decided to stay with Cisco for out backbone/corporate switch environment, but move to Meraki at remote locations.


3.) I hope to continue learning new tips and tricks about everyday Meraki management from the community as well as doing a bit of networking 😉


4.) Fun fact - I enjoy training for and participating in endurance events (think marathons, ultra marathons, triathlons). 

Head in the Cloud

@mfish Welcome to the community! It is one of the best and you wont be let down by any of the superstar Meraki community members! 

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